Final Feliz – Joseph Castlian & Colby Chambers

Colby Chambers has a reputation for a few things. His passion for creampies. And his massage skills. This ColbyKnox video has both. It starts with Colby’s magic hands on Joseph Castlian’s back and plump rump. The towel covering Joseph’s ass can’t hide its beauty.

Soon it’s removed so Colby can give those cheeks the attention they deserve. Working on Joseph’s back makes blood rush to Colby’s dick. When he releases it from his pants, he stands in front of Joseph. Up to this point he’s been enjoying Colby’s sturdy hands.

However, Joseph can’t dismiss the sturdy meat in his face. He opens his mouth, swallowing what he can. “Fuck, yeah. Suck my dick,” Colby whispers. When Joseph reaches the pubes, Colby gently face fucks him. Joseph pays close attention to the head, licking it like an extra scoop of ice cream.

“Jeez. It’s so fucking big,” he observes. “It feels so good,” Colby says, stroking Joseph’s locks of hair.

👉 Colby Chambers socando a rola em Myott Hunter


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